Wanna submit music? Cool. We want to hear it. 

We love hearing new music. We especially love showcasing new music. So, please, send us your stuff, but check out our rules before you do:


1) Submit to thealternativefeed@gmail.com. That's the only email you should be submitting your music to.

2) Include a streaming link. We are not going to download your MP3s and we do not have an address for physical music. So Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud is best.

3) Include a picture. Got some album artwork? Sweet. Have a band picture? Even better. Make sure you send the credits for the image as well, photographers and designers deserve credit too.

4) Please do not send a million follow up emails. There are only two of us. We both have jobs outside of this blog. Sometimes it takes a while to catch up on submissions. If we are going to cover your music - we will let you know. If you haven't received a response, assume we are not interested.

5) Does your music fit our scene? Awesome. We think it's cool you're into African folk music but that's not what we cover. 

6) Be specific in what you want. Song review? We're down. New EP? Great. Just let us know.  


Have a concert coming up? Before you ask us to cover your show consider this:

- Is your show on the East Coast in the US?

- Will you be able to provide two tickets and a photo pass?

- Have you given us more than three weeks notice?


If all of those check out - awesome. We can't wait to see you live. Send all concert review requests to thealternativefeed@gmail.com. 


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