Weezer surprise fans with 'The Teal Album'

Courtesy weezer.com

‘90s rockers Weezer have surprise released a new album. Following their long list of colorful album names, “The Teal Album” is the band’s first full cover album. The “Teal Album” includes covers of hits like “Take On Me,” “Billie Jean” and of course, “Africa.”

Weezer has been preparing for the release of their “Black Album” which is set to be released March 1. In the past couple of months, the band has released singles “Can’t Knock The Hustle” and “Die You Zombie Bastards.” You can read more about “The Black Album” here.

“The Teal Album” came as a surprise when Weezer dropped it on Jan. 24. The album is made up of ten tracks, all covering hit songs from mainly the '60s but also some later classics.

One of the more iconic covers of the album is “Take On Me,” which is originally by a-ha. Weezer has been covering the song on past tours, so it’s no real surprise that their official cover made it on the album.

Another cover that stands out is “No Scrubs,” which is originally by TLC. As with most covers outside of a band’s typical genre, the song has started blowing up. Fans are now calling for a TLC and Weezer collaboration, which we can only hope actually happens.

Weezer also put together a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.” And the album is, of course, not complete without a cover of The Turtle’s “Happy Together.” Each song showcasing not only Weezer’s ability to faithfully cover a classic but also explore outside of the genre they seem most comfortable in.

“The Teal Album” is a good placeholder until the release of their highly anticipated “The Black Album.” It definitely keeps fans busy and entertained. Hopefully, Weezer can sneak a few of these covers on the tour setlist this Spring.

Overall, while it may not be original Weezer music, they have managed to make some of these older songs fun again. Sometimes it’s better to take an album as it is and have fun with it. “The Teal Album” is full of everyone’s favorite hits, just Weezer-fied. So, of course, it’s good. There’s no way it wouldn't be.

Article by Lindsey Lanham


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