Weezer announce release date for 'The Black Album,' drop new single 'Zombie Bastards'

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

After a year of hinting at new music, Weezer announced that they will finally be releasing "The Black Album" on March 1, 2019. This will be the fifth colored album for the band, and will follow their 2016 release, "The White Album."

Courtesy weezer.com

"The Black Album" cover art features Weezer soaked in a sort of black liquid.

The band also released a new song today, the second single from the album, "Zombie Bastards."

What could possibly be a reference to the 2005 film "Die You Zombie Bastards!" the song is catchy and pop-infused, but it's not interesting. It's still Weezer weird and the production is more interesting than anything that was released off "Pacific Daydream," but if the garage rock Weezer is what you wanted, it's not what you're getting on this track.

Weezer is also releasing special edition box sets of "The Black Album." You can preorder these on their website.

Weezer has also detailed their tour this spring with Pixies.

Courtesy weezer.com

Article by Lindsey Lanham

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