Spirit Animal rock the Chameleon Club

Two nights ago, Brooklyn based alt rock band Spirit Animal brought a night of high spirited rock to Lancaster, Pennsylvania's historic Chameleon Club. Their high energy performance got everyone dancing and having a great time.

Fresh off their tour with White Reaper and The Struts, Spirit Animal are back on the road, this time with Dubé and Red Sun Rising. Playing in the second slot on this tour, Spirit Animal are able to play almost all of their most recent album, "Born Yesterday," every night.

The band opened the night with "The Truth," a song that went from almost not making it onto the album to becoming the first Spirit Animal song many will ever hear. After following up with "Regular World" and "World War IV," lead singer Steve Cooper took a moment to dedicate the next song, "BST FRNDS" to fans who had brought friendship bracelets to the show for him and other fans, and to two photographers who had traveled from New Jersey and Virginia to be at the show.

Whether performing for fans who have known them for years or for people who are hearing them for the first time, Spirit Animal always give it their all. It's clear every night that Cooper, Paul Michel (bass), Cal Stamp (guitar), and Ronen Evron (drums) are having a great time on stage, and their energy is absolutely infectious. By the end of their set, they have everyone in the room moving and singing along.

Closing with a fan favorite song, "YEAH!" the band ended their set on a terrific note, with Cooper even jumping onto the barricade to get close to the fans. The band kept the energy up throughout their entire set and left the audience with an adrenaline rush to carry them into the headliner's set.

As soon as they cleared the stage, Spirit Animal spent the rest of the evening back at their merch table meeting fans and signing everything from CDs to a pair of shoes. You can see Spirit Animal on tour with Dubé and Red Sun Rising through December, or in early 2019 on their recently announced tour with Dorothy.

Article and Photos by Garnette Ransone


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