Pretoria is the new indie band for your summer

It can be tiring - searching endlessly for new music and bands. So, let us save you from the hours of endless scrolling and link clicking. We have your new favorite indie band right here.

Pretoria just released their EP, "Cape Town," in June. The four track long EP is an indie music lover's wet dream.

Think: The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and something that is edgy enough to be all Pretoria's own. The band has taken all the best parts of that mid-2000's alt-rock that everyone loves and has combined it with a more updated, refined indie sound. And it's awesome.

The band formed when guitarist Josh Bilisko and bassist Rob Gullet met in high school. After that, Ben Dewitt came in to play drums. The group bonded over their mutual music interests (Nirvana) and they immediately clicked.

Pretoria already has an EP and a couple of singles under their belt. Now, they can add their latest “Cape Town” to their discography.

EP opener “You Can’t Explain” is the peak of the album (which implies that there are pits, but there really, really aren’t). Kicking off with high energy, good vibes, and just a taste of what else is to come is a great way to start off this EP.

"Cody Maverick" has the funky, beach feel that the band seems keen on embracing. It's meant to be loud, listened to with the windows down. "Laundry" takes on a more med-tempo beat, but instead of feeling slow, it feels sultry.

"Don't Forget Me" is the melancholy EP closer. It still keeps up the summer vibes, but it’s more toned down. It’s the kind of summer day where it hits you that life isn’t always like a movie, and sometimes you have to be introspective. Lead singer, Bilisko, begs “Don’t forget me” more desperately as the song starts to draw to a close, bringing the EP to a desperate end.

They just sound good. It’s a fun album, that offers something relatable when you need it, but something fun-loving when you don’t. “Cape Town” feels airy, summer-y, and shows something great in this tiny indie band.

You can stream "Cape Town" on Bandcamp here.


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