New Politics make The National their starring role

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

New Politics played a rousing set at The National in Richmond, Virginia last night. The energy was high and the band made sure to make the night special for everyone in attendance.

Bands Bikini Trill and The Score opened up for New Politics. Each set brought a different element, Bikini Trill leaning more towards reggae and The Score more towards traditional rock.

New Politics are currently on their second tour of the year. While they played a wide variety of songs, the best ones were fast-paced and energetic.

Having just released their most recent record, "Lost In Translation," a little over a year ago, it's nice to see the band is still riding off that new music high. New Politics played high-energy hits like "Lifeboat," "Istanbul," and "CIA."

Lead singer David Boyd introduced the track "Color Green" as a song the band wrote when he learned he was going to become a first time father.

One of the more emotional performances of the night was "One Of Us." An anthemic celebration of unifying differences, this track has become a sort of theme song for the band and their fanbase.

Opening band Bikini Trill even came into the audience after their set to watch The Score and New Politics perform.

It wasn't just new music New Politics played though. They brought some older songs to the stage as well. Guitarist, pianist, and vocalist, Søren Hansen, introduced "Lovers In A Song" as a track the band hadn't played live on this tour yet. The band also played older tracks like "50 Feet Tall," "Goodbye Copenhagen," and crowd favorite "Fall Into These Arms."

New Politics seems to be one of those bands who not only manage to create interesting and catchy pop-inspired punk rock songs, but they also are able to entertain a group of people. No matter the size of the crowd, if they are opening or headlining, they give it their all. Even in the back, drummer Louis Vecchio is all smiles, happy to be doing what he loves for a living.

Closing with hit song, "Harlem," New Politics sure made the night memorable. A vibrant display of great dance moves, fun music, and just an all around good feeling, New Politics know how to impress a room full of people who just want to have a good time.

New Politics said that they are recording a new album, ready for release sometime in spring 2019.

Article by Lindsey Lanham

Photos by Garnette Ransone


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