Julez releases new alt-rock jam 'I'm Your Man'

Julez (Jules Batterman) has released her latest single, “I’m Your Man,” today. It’s funky guitar riffs and soulful vocals sound like a modern take on an old school song. It’s the empowering indie song we need to get things going in 2019, and Julez is here to deliver.

The alternative rock song is a little sarcastic, but mostly just a fun song to turn up loud while driving down the road. It’s got a little bit of that old school rock (think ‘90s Sleater-Kinney mixed with 2017 The Regrettes) that gives her sound an edge.

"I'm Your Man" takes on a more refined sound than some of the other alt-rock girl jams. Julez doesn't hide behind too much vocal distortion or deliberately too loud electric guitars, she's clear in her intentions. She's meant to be heard.

Julez' quippy lyrics are what make this song so much fun. Her distorted "How much would it cost me to get in with the guys?" helps kick things off in the first verse. The chorus is a little repetitive (as Julez cries out "Now I'm screaming 'Man!'"), but that just makes it perfect for some head banging.

Start listening to Julez now, because with this new track, she's surely going to get her music heard. It's a strong start to Julez' 2019, and we hope it can only be topped by even more music.

You can stream "I'm Your Man" on Spotify here.

Article by Lindsey Lanham


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