Jade Bird releases debut album

It’s been a good start to the year for Jade Bird. She kicked off 2019 by touring as an opener with alt-rocker Hozier, and now her first ever full-length album has been released. A Brit-rocker who is able to fluctuate between various genres like folk, blues and rock, Bird has established herself as a powerhouse artist in just 12 tracks.

Album opener “Ruins” is an acoustic vulnerable anthem that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Then the album sows into a bluesy break-up ballad “The Lottery,” where Bird croons “You used to say that love is a game but you’ve got your numbers and you’re betting on me.”

The rest of the album goes between bitter, anger-fueled, country-inspired tracks (“I Get No Joy” and “Uh Huh”), and slow, mournful ballads (“17” and album closer “If I Die”).

“My Motto” is a piano-led ballad that has Bird’s voice at her best. Her vocals stay soft, but still clear. As the song progresses into it’s first crescendo, the drums kick in with the guitar as she sings loudly “And that's my motto / Don't let 'em near enough to let me down / All this love ever does is break me now.”

Another high point on the album is “Love Has All Been Done Before.” The song doesn’t offer anything revolutionary other than Bird’s vocals. She sings quickly, moving through the song quickly but efficiently. It’s the loud, angry anthem that everyone deserves to play loudly.

“Jade Bird” provides some of the most relatable, approachable and fun music that’s been released in a long time. While most of the themes are personal and emotionally-driven, Bird’s music is refreshing. In an age where artists rely so heavily on releasing something never heard before, Bird’s simplicity is pleasant.

But what really sets Bird apart from others like her is her voice. Her vocals are robust, and she has the unique ability to convey so many different emotions through her voice alone. Her music is great, her lyrics relatable, but everything fades into the back when you just want to catch every note she hits and holds, commanding the listener to pay attention to her and her alone.

For the 21-year-old singer-songwriter, this is only the beginning. Coming out with overwhelming talent, she’s established herself as the next big artist. Keep an eye out for Jade Bird, because she’s your new favorite musician.

Favorite Tracks: “Ruins,” “My Motto” and “Love Has All Been Done Before”

Stream “Jade Bird” here: https://open.spotify.com/album/34RIeuzZA8ySXCbsEd62jG

Article by Lindsey Lanham

Photo by Garnette Ransone


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