Get Groovy with Pretoria’s “Gently”

Courtesy Pretoria

Shortly after the release of the EP “Cape Town,” Pretoria is back at it again with their latest single “Gently.” Taking a break from the high-paced, fast summer jams that made up their last release, the band has decided to take a more mellow approach with their new song.

“Gently” is authentic in the best ways. Lead singer Robert Gullet sings honestly, and while this song easy-going musically, the ironic lyrics are what showcases its true meaning. Gullet croons “I guess I never thought there would be / A day you wouldn’t want to kiss me,” and you can hear the frown in his voice, the underlined sorrow that seems to undercut the overwhelming sense of acceptance.

This song pulls from your favorite old-school ‘60s hits, and the lead guitar riff provides some Latin-influence that makes the song feel cohesive and complete. With the percussion, Gullet’s mellow voice, and that just pleasant guitar line, “Gently” works on all levels, and remains appropriately reachable by audiences without falling into the traps of cliche break up songs.

The three-piece band hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gullet, drummer Ben DeWitt, and guitarist Josh Bilisko all feed off each other’s influences, and made their official album debut with the 2018 release of their self-titled EP.

With not even two years of released music under their belts, Pretoria seems to have already established a consistent sound and feel to their music - which is impressive.

Their west coast feel paired with the incredibly relatable and reachable lyrics makes Pretoria one of the few indie bands that has the ability to showcase that keeping it true and simple sometimes works better than going over the top.

“Gently” was released back in November, 2019, but if it’s any indication of how Pretoria is going to do in 2020, we look forward to what they plan to release.

Listen to “Gently” here.


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