Eros' career-defining 'Send It My Way'

Eros is an 18-year-old indie R&B artist who has already penned over 100 songs. His latest single, “Send It My Way” is the one that’s turning heads. This old-school inspired track is the next big thing in indie R&B.

Eros is from Sydney, Australia, and has grown up in the entertainment industry. His father was a music producer and his mother an actress, so it only made sense for Eros to follow in their creative footsteps.

“Start Again” and “I’m Sorry” were Eros’ first two singles, also released in 2018. These two were what helped Eros start off, but it’s going to be “Send It My Way” that is going to define Eros’ career.

“Send It My Way” is the radio-ready hit that’s going to put Eros on the map. Clocking in at almost four minutes, the song starts off with a subdued piano melody that quickly explodes into a crescendo of Eros’ audacious vocals and a fitting drum beat.

Though the chorus is a little repetitive, the desperation in Eros’ vocals helps this song stand out versus other tracks about heartbreak. Eros calls out a vulnerable “If you got any love / send it my way.” It’s just desperate enough to be relatable and not whiny.

“Send It My Way” ends hits its climax with a rap done by artist SINISA before the song erupts into its final seconds. A dire-sounding Eros calls out one last time before the song slows back down to its piano melody.

Eros may only be 18, but he’s proven that he’s taking his music and career seriously. At a young age, and with his music already this mature, we can only expect him to go far in his career. And we’re excited to take that ride with him.

2019 means new music from Eros, but he has already started on a high note. With genuine music and motivation, the young musician is bound to impress audiences across the world.

You can stream “Send It My Way” on Spotify here.

Article by Lindsey Lanham


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