Emily Chambers releases music video for 'Left Alabama'

Emily Chambers dropped a music video for her latest single, “Left Alabama,” today. The song is the first music she's released since her 2016 EP, and came out earlier this month, and is now quickly followed by a music video.

"This video means a lot to me. 'Left Alabama' is the first single I have released since my EP in 2016. I have done a lot of growing musically and otherwise since then. I have a much clearer idea of my artistic vision and this video is an awesome reflection of that," wrote Chambers in an email.

The video was directed by Ricardo Betancourt and Spencer Mann. Chambers said that the video was shot over the course of six hours in one day with only herself, Betancourt and Mann.

“Making this video was super fun. I had sent Ricardo a mood board and he created a video treatment, but we kind of just gorilla styled it. We drove around the city, stopping at various locations we had in mind. Sometimes we would just see something and stop to film. I changed outfits in the back of a car,” wrote Chambers.

The video follows Chambers as she bikes through a city, dancing in front of a convenience store and even on a boat. It feels truly carefree and fun, just like the song itself.

“I wrote this song when I was driving from New Orleans to Nashville on my first US tour. I was reflecting on all the magic that had just gone down in NOLA, so naturally, I wanted to film the video for this in that magical city,” wrote Chambers.

“Left Alabama” is one of those rare indie gems that gets stuck in your head but you welcome the earworm. It’s catchy, funky feel is one that appeals to a modern sound but is seemingly influenced by some old school R&B. And the video is just as happy-go-lucky as the track.

"The song is light and playful and that's exactly how I wanted the video to feel - easy in the big easy. I think we nailed it," wrote Chambers.

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Article by Lindsey Lanham


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