Emily Chambers drops soulful new song "Left Alabama"

Emily Chambers has released your new favorite indie song. The R&B, funk-inspired single, "Left Alabama," is the best way to kick off 2019 for indie music, and is hopefully only the start of what Chambers will be doing this year.

Chambers was raised in Vancouver but now lives in Nashville. For years she dreamed of quitting her job and hitting the road to play shows. And then she finally did.

After spending years touring with various groups, Chambers released her first solo EP "Magnolia" in 2016. But she's started 2019 off strong with the release of her newest song "Left Alabama."

“Left Alabama” is catchy, soulful and almost sexy. This indie R&B hit is the next big thing in the indie scene. It’s got a nice, repetitive chorus that’s easy to sing along to and a refreshing beat. Chamber’s voice is soulful and powerful, demanding attention on this funk-inspired track.

“I wrote this song when I was driving from New Orleans to Nashville (where I now live) for the first time. I had started the second leg of my first US tour in my 1983 Dodge Camper Van. My bandmate had just left for another tour and I was on my own for the first time. It was an incredibly freeing feeling. Earlier that same year I had quit my day job working in insurance to do music full time, bought said camper van, and planned this tour. I manifested that exact moment; it was bad ass,” wrote Chambers.

You can stream “Left Alabama” on Spotify here.

Article by Lindsey Lanham


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