'Delta' has Mumford and Sons at their most experimental and possibly their best

Courtesy mumfordandsons.com

A little over three years ago Mumford and Sons released the wildly unpopular album “Wilder Mind,” which suffered from lots of criticism because they ventured to the electric side of music. Fortunately, for those who prefer the band on a more natural side, “Delta” is here to remedy any past mistakes.

“Delta” has the band at their most experimental. Chock-full of pop-inspired anthems, built with catchy hooks and acoustic-heavy melodies, the album has Mumford and Sons at their best. Possibly ever.

The majority of the album revolves around the loss of love, as with most of Mumford and Sons music does. The lyrics stay sincere and relatable. For anyone looking at their new heartbreak anthem - Mumford and Sons have you covered.

Lead singer Marcus Mumford delivers a sultry ballad on “Woman.” “October Skies” has the album at it’s most poignant, a slow burn that is represented not only through the lyrics but Mumford’s vocal build up as well. “Rose Of Sharon” is radio-ready and showcases a heavy West-African influence.

The album gets better as it goes on. The first half stays mellow, and at times, all blends together. But once “Slip Away” comes on, the entire feeling picks up, and the tracks are able to distinguish themselves from one another.

Each track on “Delta” follows roughly the same pattern, but it works for them. It’s a slow build that always starts as quiet before just getting loud. Marcus’ demanding voice shines as it was meant to add a bit of dramatic flair, and the effect works, emphasizing each track in a traditional Mumford and Sons manner.

Love it or hate it - it’s Mumford and Sons most adventurous album to date. A respectable venture in exploring pop music truly has the band at their best. Bold, earnest, and loud, “Delta” may have put Mumford and Sons back on the map.

Favorite tracks: “Rose of Sharon,” “Darkness Visible,” and “Woman”

Article by Lindsey Lanham


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