Review: Candid Bandit's debut EP "Bridges to Burn"

Updated: Jan 20, 2019


New to the scene Candid Bandit is about to release her debut EP, “Bridges to Burn,” April 5. This four track long EP is full of catchy hooks and indie folk-inspired sounds that make her radio-ready and the perfect addition to your indie playlists.

Candid Bandit is the moniker of Brooklyn-based, singer-songwriter Caitlin Cook. She’s just started her journey on the music scene, but her debut EP is sure to impress.

“Nomad,” the first single to be released off the EP, is an indie folk song with pop influences. Candid Bandit’s catchy chorus that emphasizes her hooks and indie appeal. “Red Hands” is the slow burn track that balances out the upbeat happy with good old fashioned morose indie music.

Closing track “Too Soon To Say” leans more towards indie rock. Another upbeat tune, this one gives Candid Bandit’s voice a nice, distorted feel, reminiscent of Mitski. She croons out a relatable “Should I give up the ghost / Or take it to the grave?” as the song crescendos with a fun guitar riff.

Keep an eye out for “Bridges to Burn” this April. It may be Candid Bandit’s debut EP, but it still hits hard in all the right places. While the overall tone feels indie, Candid Bandit manages to draw from many different genres to create music that’s fun and interesting while still having the EP feel consistent and coherent.

Candid Bandit’s first single, “Nomad,” is set to be released Feb. 1 and the second single, “Too Soon To Say” on March 1.

Article by Lindsey Lanham


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