Barns Courtney Finishes His Tour with The Kooks

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

On March 2, 2019, Barns Courtney wrapped up his final date as support for The Kooks’ spring US tour. The show took place at Rams Head Live, in Baltimore, Maryland, to a sold-out crowd of 1500 people.

The show started with a rousing set by Future Feats, five-piece alternative pop band, based out of California. The band had an awesome and engaging stage presence, with the lead singer, who goes only by the name Josh, even jumping face first into the crowd at one point. Throughout their whole set, Josh never slowed down, running back and forth from one side of the stage to the other. The band’s high-energy performance left the crowd ready and excited for what was yet to come.

After Future Feats finished up their set, it was time for Barns Courtney to take the stage. From the moment he stepped onstage, everything about Courtney exuded rock n’ roll. From the bandana holding back his untamable locks, to his fringed leather jacket covered in patches, it was clear from the first second that Courtney was there to rock. Courtney started his set with two unreleased songs “Fun Never Ends” and “London Girls” from his upcoming and yet-to-be-named album. These two songs gave the audience a glimpse of what they can hope for from his upcoming new music.

Courtney was joined onstage by a new bassist known as Milkie. Milkie and Courtney had incredible onstage chemistry, playing off of each other’s enthusiasm. Milkie’s presence was powerful with her fishnets and Doc Martens, and she didn’t fade into the background at all. Seeing a female musician rocking out onstage was awesome and something everyone wants to see more often.

Courtney and Milkie continued on through some more of Courtney’s biggest hits, and the crowd was eating it up as they danced, jumped, and sang along. Courtney finished out his set with his song, “Fire,” a fan favorite, that was featured in the Bradley Cooper movie, “Burnt.” During this song, Courtney hopped into the crowd to dance with everyone in the pit. His engaging stage presence made for a tough act to follow when it was time for The Kooks to take the stage.

While The Kooks put on a respectable show and the many fans who had packed Rams Head Live to the brim seemed perfectly pleased with their performance, they could not even come close to matching the energy that Courtney brought to the stage. It won’t be long before Courtney is getting headlining spots in the US, as he’s already selling out dates across the UK, but until then, you can catch him opening for Elle King this summer.

Photos and Article by Garnette Ransone

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