Alice Merton releases debut album 'Mint'

Courtesy Mom + Pop Music

Alice Merton made herself known loud and strong with hit single “No Roots” that seemed to hit radios right at the beginning of 2018. This was followed shortly by the release of her four-track long EP by the same name back in April last year. But now, Merton has returned full force with her first full-length album, “Mint.”

“Mint” was released on Jan. 18, and the 11-track long album features all of Merton’s strengths including her catchy hooks, funky guitar riffs and autobiographical lyricism.

While “Mint” features Merton’s two hit singles from last year, “No Roots” and “Lash Out,” the album also has her latest single “Funny Business.” Each single reaffirming a different idea Merton has about herself, whether it’s fidelity or how she’s held 12 different addresses in 24 years.

Other tracks off the album still hold loud and, at times, painfully honest. “2 Kids” is an intense rock song about faithfulness in a youthful relationship. “Honeymoon Heartbreak” is the slow burn ballad that every pop-rock album deserves. Merton croons on this one about a lost love where the heartbreak is still prevalent.

The album closes with “Why So Serious.” This upbeat track doesn’t take itself too seriously, reflecting on growing older and that sometimes you have to remind yourself of the bigger picture.

“Mint” reinforces the sounds that Merton originally established when she released her first singles, but it explores her deeper lyricism and explores more layered sounds. The indie-pop sound lands her music right on the radio, and having it be repetitive in nature makes it nothing but fun to sing along to. With a solid first album under her belt, we can’t wait to see what Merton does next.

Article by Lindsey Lanham


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